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Eye Care

“RVB” Anti-age Collagen Treatment

-Provides antioxidizing active ingredients and anti-free radicals; provides moisturizing, emollient, and nourishing substances reduces signs of fatigue.
$38 / add ons $28

Ultrasonic Lifting “BioMatrix” Collagen Eye Treatment

-Removes eye-sack and lack eye-rim by accelerate blood and lymph circulation to carry excess fluid and fat away. The heat ultrasound produced helps to solve the fat so that it can be favourably absorbed by the tissues.
$48 / add ons $38

Skin Care

“RVB” Holistic Mini Facial

(Shoulder massage not include in this treatment.)

“RVB” Holistic Organic Facial

Holistic Beauty springs from the eternal concept that is the tree of life. All products originated from crops certified as organically grown, The oxygenation phase, to aid the elimination of toxins. Products are from Italy.
Biohydra – to quench dry skin.
Bioage – the rejuvenating skin food.
Biocalm – an oasis of calm for sensitive reactive skin types.
Biopurity – for pure, rebalanced skin

“RVB” Simply White Treatment

Simply White reduces and lightens skin blotches which results in radiant, even, smooth skin. Visible effects from the first application. The effects are visible from the first application.

“RVB” SOS Double Mask Facial

This unique treatment uses advanced skin care formulation for all skin types created in Italy.
This treatment is an oasis for thirsty skin; it refreshes your skin and restores moisture balance while protecting skin from discomfort and reducing redness. It uses the RVB mask followed by RVB’s Soothing Soft Mask along with oxygenating serum to enhance your skins overall complexion.
$88/90 minutes or add on for $20

Ultrasonic Lifting “BioMatrix” Collagen Treatment

There are six types of treatments where you will find one that will suit your needs and skin type and make your skin radiate and glow.

Galvanic Oxygen Facial

By increasing your skin’s ability to absorb, this allows the ingredients of the facial to penetrate deeper into the skin. The facial can increase moisture retention, eliminate clogging and reduce unwanted oils.

AgeLOC® Facial Treatment

Using the galvanic spa facial gels and the galvanic spa machine, the AgeLOC® facial helps reduce signs of aging, and helps rejuvenate your skin for a fresher and younger appearance.
$78 / 60mins

Diamond Dermabrasion

Using cosmetic science and technology, this treatment helps exfoliates away old and damaged skin. As well as stimulate the growing of skin and the blood circulation in order to accelerate skin organize development, promote the growth of collagen. Combining with the SOS mask to create soft and fresh skin!
$98 / 75mins

Traditional Chinese Herbal Facial

(Anti-Acne / Detox / Radiance / Moisture + Firming)
The pure and traditional Chinese herbs nourish the skin that trusts them with their nature, make it nice, clean, refined, and pure with the mysterious oriental charm.
Anti-Acne Herbal Facial – Targets acne prone skin and reduce swelling and inflammation.
Detox Herbal Facial – Detoxifies skin and gentle for sensitive skin. It reduces excess sebum and minimizes pores.
Radiance Herbal Facial – Restores youth back to skin by reversing aging effect and environmental damage to your skin with whitening effect.
Moisture and Firming Herbal Facial – Hydrates and tightens skin. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.